VICTORY! Amáda Márquez Simula Elected Mayor

Columbia Heights, I am so honored that you have elected me your Mayor! For years, you have been asking me to represent you in office. 11 months ago, I decided to run, and I never stopped. This victory has been hard won thanks to all of us working together. With one voice, we have voted for informed, fearless, and creative leadership.

When I began this campaign, I never expected to see so many neighbors writing letters to the editor, making social media posts, wearing pins, and even creating their own fan art! I’m truly humbled by your enthusiasm.

We Made History

As a Latina, I am the city’s first non-white elected official. This alone shows the progress we are capable of as a city! I was proud to appear on a ballot with other groundbreaking candidates across the nation. Columbia Heights is one of the most diverse cities in Minnesota. I am proud to represent my background and heritage as your Mayor. I hope I am only the first of many. Now, I invite other leaders to represent their communities in our government as well.

Being elected is just the beginning

Amáda leads a campaign exploratory meeting on January 22, 2020.

Now, the real work begins.

Columbia Heights is full of opportunity. But I’m going to need your help to bring out our full potential. Let’s gather the best ideas from our community, make smart decisions, and build a lasting future for all of us. As Paul Wellstone would say, “We all do better when we all do better.”

This campaign required daily (sometimes hourly) support from my staff and my family. Amazing coordination and teamwork by Molly, Frost, Lexy, and Jim! And I’m so thankful for my kids Frank, Joan, Harry, and Walli. I could not have done this without you!

And thank YOU for your support, your encouragement, and your votes. I’m excited to serve you!