The Hero We all Need… is YOU

10 months ago, I said that this is a campaign for ALL of us. In these last days, it is time for us to rally together as heroes. Here is how you can help.

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Even if you do nothing else, boost the signal! These resources can help someone vote, and that is what matters most.

Ask people to vote

Your mobile phone is an easy way to join a phone bank.

People are tired of national politics and our gridlocked system. Some people think one more vote won’t matter. But in non-partisan locals races like Mayor or City Council, every single vote is CRITICAL. Just a handful of voters can make or break an entire election. Even if people are undecided on bigger races, they can still make a huge difference right here in Columbia Heights.

Want to be part of the team? Even with no experience, it’s easy to call your fellow Columbia Heights voters. Join our final phone bank on Wednesday October 28 from 6-8pm.

Help them get to the polls

On Friday, I helped someone vote. At first they were reluctant, because they did not have transportation. But when I offered them a ride to the polls, they were happy to accept. Let’s remove the transportation barrier! Every vote counts!

Record numbers of people have ALREADY VOTED in Columbia Heights. In fact, more than 18% of them are first-time voters! It’s too late to request a mail-in ballot. But you can still cast your ballot in person.

Chip in $20

Printed and digital collateral created by Amáda's campaign staff have been critical in reaching voters.

Mailers, websites, door hangers, flyers, lawn signs, ads, T-shirts, and so much more has been crucial to connecting with voters. That’s what your donations have provided over the last 10 months: an opportunity to hear as many voices as possible and build a stronger Columbia Heights.

Can you donate just $20 to get me across the finish line?

Donate a different amount

$20 will get Columbia Heights one step closer to a bold, creative leader.
$20 will mean saying “yes” to new ideas and fresh perspectives.
$20 will help me represent you as your next Mayor of Columbia Heights.

Amáda Márquez Simula for Mayor of Columbia Heights

Thank you so much for being a hero! Our city can’t do it without you! Please share more ideas with me, and I’ll add them to this list.