Mayor Amáda Márquez Simula Re-Elected!

Columbia Heights, thank you for making your voice heard and voting. I am honored that you have elected me to continue serving as your Mayor. Since I took office just last year, you have seen me working for you, listening to you, and representing you at city hall. Elections are never easy, and this victory has been hard won thanks to all of us working together. We have voted for informed, fearless, and creative leadership.

This is How We Do it

I chose to run a clean campaign, based on the issues facing our city and the concerns of our community. In the end, we are all neighbors here, and we all want what is best for Columbia Heights. I will continue to be accessible, to be transparent, and to focus on the positive changes I can make.

Mayor Amáda Márquez Simula signs documents in her office

New City Council Elected

Congratulations to our newly elected officials, Justice Spriggs and Rachel James! I look forward to working with you on the City Council starting in 2023.