Amada Márquez Simula, Mayor of Columbia Heights, MN

Amada Márquez Simula is the Mayor of Columbia Heights, Minnesota. She will took office on January 4, 2021.

First Person of Color Elected to Office

Amáda Márquez Simula elected Mayor of Columbia Heights, MN

Columbia Heights made history on November 3, 2020 when they elected Amáda Márquez Simula as their mayor. As a Latina, she is the city’s first non-white elected official.

Informed. Fearless. Creative. Leadership.

Smarter spending

Everybody wants to keep our property taxes low. There are several ways we can be wiser about our money.

Easier access to services

It’s a hassle just to pay your water bill, let alone monitor the city council. There are 21st-century solutions we can leverage.

Modernized public safety

90% of police calls are not related to crime. We can explore community services that can address those needs.

Healthier spaces

City life is stressful enough. We can improve public health and the environment in simple ways.

Thriving local businesses

The economy is fragile. There are creative ways to keep companies open, and to attract new employers.

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Your community organizer

Amáda is widely recognized as an active leader in Columbia Heights. You may have attended one of the Community Education events she arranged for our school. Perhaps you met her volunteering at one of the many community service projects she organized. Maybe you saw her on the news speaking out against prejudice. Or maybe she came right to your door in a public works uniform delivering a kitchen compost kit. However you know Amada, you can be sure she has never stopped working for the people of Columbia Heights.

Amada organizes the community of Columbia Heights, MN
  • Manager of the Columbia Heights Public Schools Adult Enrichment & Senior Program
  • Columbia Heights Public Schools Community Education Advisory Board Member
  • Columbia Heights Public School District Finance Committee Member
  • City of Columbia Heights Public Works Employee
  • Columbia Heights Lions Club Member
  • Fridley-Columbia Heights Rotary Club Member
  • Neighborhood Watch Block Captain
  • Girl Scout Council Trainer and Troop Leader for 13+ years
  • HeightsNEXT Board Member and past President
  • Alexandra House Board Member
  • 2017 Columbia Heights Humanitarian of the Year
  • Labor union endorsed

Cares about Everybody

We have to bring in new leadership, and I feel like Amáda is that person; someone who cares about everybody, not certain people. She’s not going to be singling-out any community. She’s going to be representing everybody.
Abdirizak Adan
Columbia Heights Resident

A Bold Advocate

Women Winning is proud to endorse Amáda Márquez Simula for Mayor of Columbia Heights. Amáda is a dedicated organizer and leader who has spent years working on the issues that matter most to her community. She is a bold advocate for racial justice and has been on the front line in the fight for sustainability, women’s rights, and LGBTQ equality. As Mayor, Amáda will work tirelessly to ensure that her community thrives and is resilient, and that everyone is treated with dignity and respect.
Meggie Wittorf
Executive Director of Women Winning

Turning ideas into action

Amáda is one of the most perfect candidates we have for mayor. She’s smart. She’s competent. She cares, all for the right reasons. These are the things that are starting points. However, she also has this leadership ability and she’s proven it both in the job that she does in the city, the job she does in the school district, and personally with the job she does with HeightsNEXT. I’ve watched this woman take ideas and turn them into action and results. I’ve never seen that happen so many times before my very eyes. Everywhere she goes, she draws people in. She brings a passion to what she does. Whenever she sees something that needs to happen, she finds a way to get it done. This is exactly what we need in a mayor.
Carolyn Laine
Minnesota State Senator, District 41

Powerful Track Record

Amáda is an active and engaged leader in Columbia Heights who has a powerful track record of getting things done for the good of the community! She does so with passion, heart, and unmatched energy while inspiring those around her to join in. My 5-yr old remembers her dressed as Wonder Woman, and was excited when Amáda told her that she could be a leader someday, too. It’s not enough that Amáda cares deeply for all walks of life… she also takes action, and shows up with integrity. I’m proud of the way she inspires me and my children to have courage and compassion, and equally proud to support Amáda Marquez Simula for mayor.
Jessi LeClear Vachta
Columbia Heights Resident

A Proven Leader

Amáda Márquez Simula is a proven leader with vision and courage; two attributes we will need as we shore up our local economy, build a community that is welcoming to all, and face tough challenges of the future. I look forward to moving our communities in the right direction with a leader like Amáda Márquez Simula!
Mary Kunesh-Podein
Minnesota State Representative, District 41b


Our local communities are the epicenter for the critical power building work that needs to happen in this moment. We are proud to support Amáda Márquez Simula as a labor-endorsed candidate.
Minneapolis Regional Labor Federation

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